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(Left) The Pyramids at Giza

Over 130 meters tall, the great pyramids of Mycerinus, Chephren and Cheops were built around 25 century BC as tomes and astrological clocks.

The vista of the pyramid also exerted tremendous psychological impact in the desert were the terrain was mostly flat. Its simple yet effective architecture deflected and helped it to withstand the harsh elements.

The simplest goal of any organization is to stand the test of time.


We strive for our solution to be effective yet simple, and aim to be the premiere partner in architecting client's next generation information system.



Maximize the return and minimize the investment in ROI by implementing large-scale enterprise-level solution at small- and medium-scale enterprises price range through the elimination of unnecessary and unreasonable components and expenses.



The management of INFOARCH SDN. BHD. brings you concrete expertise and friendly service, with more than a decade of experience in information technology

Our people had served clients in Malaysia, Singapore, United States and Canada; built high-performance servers, multi-protocol networks, multimedia kiosk software and online educational system for companies in the financial, telecommunication, transportation, government, education and the service sectors


Products & Services


We provide IT solution that are tailor-made to your requirement.

Our core strength is in web-based services, which can be received from local workstation, remote PCs, PDAs, or any other web-enabled devices



Engaging external consultant

Be focused. Have your goal well-defined and written down.

Depending on who you engage to be your company's consultant, you should have heard terminology such as methodology, process, approach; which further refined into Who, Why, What, When, Where; Discover, Define, Concept, Design, Implement; or Architect, Design and Build.

They are really trying to help you "dig out" your real intent or realize what the real problem is. However, it is easy to get distracted by the side issues and forget your goal.


Our Process

There are typically three stages in every client engagement: requirement gathering, prototyping, build to spec.

Step One : Requirement Gathering

As illustrated in the following figure, in our requirement gathering stage, 1. we start with simple questions (red expanding arrows) that cover most scenarios (gray quadrants); 2. the answers we gather help us zone in the problem quadrant (the green quadrant); 3. subsequent interviews are more specific; 4. allowing us to eventually identify the core problems (the red narrowing arrows), and 5. devise a solution to address it (red globe).

Contact us to learn more about our process.


Our Clients


The quality of our clients is a testimony to the quality of our services. Our clients in Malaysia came from a variety of background, and the services we rendered ranged from simple consultancy to complex Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system.

Other reference-able clients include : Foon Yew Primary School, JAPMAS, Nanyang Electric, Taima Casting, TN Autoparts, TN Equipment Services, SJK (C) Pei Hwa Kota Tinggi, among others.

Active Music Trading / Multimedia / Entertainment
G-FORCE Forklift Transportation / Service / Trading
Hewlett-Packard Technology / Service
K Q Lim Manufacturing
Lee Chuan Guan Hardware Trading / Manufacturing
Leep Thye Transport Transportation
Southern Industrial Gas Manufacturing
Tat Radio & Television Retail
Tiong Nam Transport & Trading Transportation / Service / Trading
TLC-Koya Chemicals Manufacturing Manufacturing
TN Engineering Transportation / Service / Manufacturing




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