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(Far Left) Located between Iraq and Iran, only the foundation of the Tower of Babel can be seen

(Left) The temple of Ur. It might have shared the same architectural design

The Tower of Babel was built, destroyed, rebuilt many times over; and finally left to crumble around 5th century BC due to neglect.

In legend, the Babylonians were building the tower to reach heaven. Jehovah scrambled their language, and the workers were forced to stop because no matter how hard they listened, they could no longer understand each other.

The prerequisite to understanding is listening.

What We Do

We built software to your specification by listening to you. Our strength is in designing multi-user, multi-level client-server solution that are easy to use.

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For our customers who have purchased the relevant applications from us, you may find the download section useful, as it provides links to various products update or patches.

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Who Are We

We are Infoarch Sdn. Bhd., a software service company located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, specializing in today's connection-less web-based technology. We have close ties with many leading computer hardware and software companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, which enable us to provide effective Internet/Intranet/Extranet solutions.


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Some of the products we carry are listed in the following table. We may bundle our software with combinations of these products as one-stop complete solution package, or offer these products separately.

Storage Devices,
Desktop PCs,
Notebook PCs,
Pocket PCs,
Desktop PCs Notebook PCs Notebook PCs,
Pocket PCs

LCD Displays,
CRT Displays,

Digital Cameras,
Digital Camcorders,
AV Equipments
LCD Displays
CRT Displays



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